Sabrina about Verena

How does Verena work?

Verena has an immense knowledge of the industry and a deep understanding for dramaturgy. She has a great sensitivity for people and situations. In combination with her years of experience she lifts story consulting to a new level. Verena respects the writer as expert of the story, while she is the expert of the process. Verena works in duty of the story, she doesn’t judge, or criticize! Verena gives you a space to explore new things within a safe environment and she reassures you. She guides you through self-reflection and reflects herself in the process, too. She doesn’t cling to the past, or is stuck in old ways of thinking, but embraces what is, with an eye on the future. Her special style and methods, such as the Scenario setting, and her modern views on storytelling take stories to incredible deep levels – especially complex ones such as TV series.

What does she add to your work?

First and foremost, Verena and I share the passion for the cause. To me, she’s a true pioneer and a visionary. When I work with the Transformation Journey I get the chance to experience my story from a completely different angle. This tool creates impulses and opens up possibilities I would simply miss out on when I only work digital and linear. That’s why her method is genius for complex stories. I can stand inside of my own story world, and take it in from all sides, feel what my characters are feeling. That’s not only incredibly valuable – it’s also a lot of fun! Verena is also a team player. And she always thinks a step ahead: marketing, target groups, product placement. She has a keen eye for national and international trends. She can predict them.

Anything else about Verena?

Verena is a volcano, producing ideas by the seconds. Her innovation talent is rare. She wakes you up and gets you excited and she has a great sense of humor! And also: She always carries pencils and papers (in all sizes and colors). That’s perfect whenever the battery of my laptop dies and I have forgotten the charger again. Good thing, she’s still coming from the analog ages 😉.

Vita Sabrina Amerell:

Sabrina studied foreign language translation and interpreting (English, Spanish, Economics) and switched sides immediately after graduating. She always wanted to become a writer. A brief self-discovery and re-adjustment phase lead her behind the reception desk of a hotel, behind a bar counter and inside a classroom for a temp job as English teacher at a Montessori school. Those experiences gave her enough inspiration to write stories for a life time. Until 2013 Sabrina worked as a script editor and storyliner for an award-winning prime time daily. Then, her passion for high-quality drama shows lead her to Berlin, where she completed the first year of the Serial Eyes program – with the intention to contribute to, and encourage, a new way of story development in Germany. Sabrina is a strong believer in collaboration and the Writers’ Room. She loves to share and work with fellow writers. One for all, all for one! Sabrina writes in German and English. Her projects won several national and internal grants.