We see ourselves as facilitators and we guide and support writers and producers in the development process of their projects. We use established innovation tools which we adapted to the demands of the movie and television industry.

Our systemic tool Transformation Journey is an innovative hack of the traditional Heroes Journey. It uses elements of design thinking to integrate the perspective of the viewer in the scenario, as well. In addition to offline consulting, we provide online tools and we steer writers, producers and their teams through the complex development process.


Transformation Journey

In our opinion the Transformation Journey is the worthy heiress of the Heroes Journey and the main tool we use in the facilitation and consultation process. The world is changing and the transition period we are living in today demands new functional models. The Transformation Journey embraces the here and now and offers a radical new approach for development.

The transformation journey covers 22 steps representing the full circle of human development, with two significant turning points, puberty and the peak of live. It starts when the first seed is planted before we are born, and ends with death as the final threshold into a new development cycle. The world, the storylines and the characters form and develop naturally in this setting, and are in constant resonance with each other. Without the need for tricksters or magic potions.



Storytelling is the golden thread that runs through the project and is the basis for a successful marketing strategy. After the writing is done, storytelling begins. All creatives face the same major questions: What marketing tools can I use? How do I get producers, networks and decision makers excited? What platforms and outlets are the right ones for my story?

For us, the two central pillars of a good marketing are adequate positioning and a convincing pitch. We offer creatives the necessary tools to use all the potentials to create a meaningful storytelling. To develop and to sell!