Out of the box into Scenario

Scenario means to play with different possibilities and test potentials within a constellation setting. For a moment, we simply watch how the material organizes itself within the dynamics of the system and we observe this process. Working within a scenario is an essential tool for us as facilitators. This method of observing enables you to let go of hasty judgements and narrow analysis. New possibilities open new ways.

We offer Scenario in different variations, you can choose from:

  • On a playboard. Here you get the bird’s eye view! You can look at your story from above, watch and reflect. We have a broad selection of toy figures: From the classic playmobile figures, to colorful animals, to neutral plastic cones. Whatever you choose, it only matters that you can meet and interact with your story in a playful way.
  • With ground anchors. This method intensifies your self-perception and the story you are telling. Anchors are usually pieces of paper, they function as a placeholder for your different characters. By stepping onto them you get the chance to embody and experience the perspective of each of your characters. You’re standing in your own story. Further, we can include target groups, networks, streaming platforms etc in this setting. This method helps you to dig deep into your story and explore unseen possibilities. We help you to evaluate what you discovered and open ways to include those discoveries into your stories.
  • With representatives: The most intense form of experiencing your story. Here, a group of individuals represent your major characters. In over 20 years of working with this tool it has proven especially valuable and beneficial for producers and creative teams (especially Writers’ Rooms). You can lay back and watch your show play out and unfold in front of you.