We believe that stories are inseparable tied to the individuals telling them. Therefore, we believe that the writer is the key player in the development process of a TV show. A good pitch is one, where it’s crystal clear why only you can tell exactly this story and why you have to tell it.

But: No man is an island and television is a team sport. In the best case scenario, the producer, providing his special expertise, becomes a partner at eye level for the writer. An organic team of writer/producer can emerge – sharing and nurturing one vision.

Depending on the project and the desired outlet, the pitching situation varies and therefore the form of the pitch has to be adapted and adjusted. Still, most importantly: When the inner drive to tell a story can be felt and a personal connection to the material is established, interest and real emotions are raised – and the pitch convinces.


No matter where you are in the development process, if you want to prepare an oral or a written pitch, we offer different methods, so the spark of your story can carry on to your audience. Practice makes better.

Elevator Pitch: The elevator goes up to the 8th floor. You have 30 seconds to convince a stakeholder. We practice how to stay calm under pressure.

American Pitching version: In contrast to explaining or simply telling the story, which is more commonly done in Germany, Americans have a tendency to describe an image. For example, the description of a little scene, like a Teaser, immediately draws you into the story world. The listener feels the atmosphere and experiences the story with all senses. One good image is better than a 1000 descriptive adjectives.

One-Pager: What key information should you include in a written pitch, what can you spare for later? There are always two stories: The one you sell and the one you’re actually writing in the end.